Our experience and extensive engineering and technical services place AIROD TECHNO POWER at the forefront of the industry.

We go beyond repair and overhaul, providing custom Total Inventory Solutions to meet customer needs via comprehensive engine repair and overhaul services backed by OEM-approved state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, SMART-Purchasing and Pool Exchange Program with OEM-approved suppliers for parts & components.

Through reliability analysis and data collection, we also recommend fleet maintenance activities that will increase the time between overhauls and reduction in unplanned maintenance.

Cleaning Facilities

Chemical Cleaning:

  1. Acid Descaling
  2. Alkaline Descaling
  3. Carbon Remover

Mechanical Cleaning:

  1. Dry Blasting
  2. Plastic Blastic
  3. Vapour Blasting
  4. Tumble Machine
  5. Vapour Degreaser
  6. Shot Peening

Machining Facilities

Various type of machines available for Depot Maintenance Support:

  1. Horizontal Lathe Machines
  2. Vertical Lathe Machines
  3. Vertical NC Machine
  4. Blade Tip Grinding Machine

welding Facilities

  1. Metal Spray (Spra Bronze)
  2. Metal Spray (Nickel Graphite)
  3. Metal Spray (Aluminium)
  4. Welding
  5. Brazing
  6. Riveting
  7. Cold Work
  8. Grinding Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
  9. Flame Spray Welding
  10. 6-Axis Robotic Plasma Spray System

painting Facilities

Paint and Bake:

  1. Aluminium IP9029 and Sermetel W
  2. Mix Paint (Ready Made)


  1. Resin Coating (Blue Dye)
  2. Heat Oven
  3. Spray Booth
  4. Paint Shaker
  5. Vapour Degrease Tank
  6. Swab Test and Tape Test

Assembly & Detailed Inspection Facilities

  1. Reduction Gearbox Module
  2. Compressor Module
  3. Turbine Module
  4. Quick Engine Change Module
  5. Bearing Shop
  6. Fuel, Oil and Electrical Components Shop

Testing Facilities : Fuel & Oil Component

Multi-function Fuel & Oil System Test Bench for RR T56/501 Components: 

  1. Fuel Control Unit (FCU)
  2. Main Fuel Pump (MFP)
  3. Temperature Datum Valve (TDV)
  4. Fuel Enrichment Valve
  5. Fuel Enrichment Pressure Switch
  6. Solenoid Manifold Drain Valve
  7. Oil System Test Bench
  8. External Scavenge Pump

Testing Facilities : Rotor Assembly & Balancing

Digital Static Balancing & Dynamic Balancing Machines for 2-Rotating Planes Correction. 

  1. Compressor Rotor Assembly
  2. Turbine Rotor Assembly
  3. Turbine Rotor Shaft
  4. Reduction Gear Propeller Brake
  5. Torquemeter Shaft

Testing Facilities : Engine Performance Test Cell

Rolls-Royce T56/501 Engine Indoor Testing Facility

  1. Test Cell correlated to Rolls-Royce specifications.
  2. Verify functionality and performance parameters of engines.

Testing Facilities : Mobile Engine Test Stand

  1. Complete Power Plant Testing.
  2. T56 Mobile Engine Test Stand is used to simulate C-130H aircraft functional test. 
  3. The system consists of a Control Cabin & Engine Run-Up Stand.
  4. The unit is controlled by a computer system to monitor engine performance.

on-site Technical support

Engineering & technical assistance and 24-hour customer response team available worldwide.